Apartment La Siesta III - Number 22,
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How To Get There

The nearest airport is Malaga. The time from the airport by car using the new road behind the coastal development is 30 to 40 minutes. The distance is 37kms. Drive to the main coast road and turn right. This is the main Malaga to Cadiz road. The road will go round the back of Torremolinos, Benalmadena and Fuengirola and then towards Marbella. As you come down the mountain behind Fuengirola there is an opportunity to take the new motorway to Marbella.

Route One

If you do this, come off at the first exit marked Calahonda and the pay the toll, about 2 Euros and take the N340 link road to Calahonda. You will pass a NIZA car hire site where you want to follow the road around to the right to the main roundabout.

Or Route Two

Travel along the coastal road - the E15, through Torremolinos and Fuengirola, heading towards Marbella. Calahonda is approximately 12km past Fuengirola. If you pass Citio de Calahonda you can turn around by taking the cambio de sentino at Caba Pino. The Calahonda exit is past Barclays Bank on the right. Turn off the main road, and take the left hand lower road around the front of El Zoco which is an Arabic looking building. Bear left and head for the roundabout.

For both routes from the roundabout

Take the junction marked Avenda Espana. You will pass shops and a hotel on the right. After the hotel the road will dip and bear to the right. As the road begins to rise, on the left you will see Parc de Sol and opposite on the right is La Siesta 3. Park outside the apartments by the hedge, not in the garage inside the gates. You will need to climb the stairs on the right hand side of the apartment complex and the flat is the third one along - number 22 with Casa del Pug across the door.

If travelling by train, purchase a ticket to Fuengirola. The station is next to the airport car park. From Fuengirola you can either take a taxi or a bus to the apartment.

Joining and Leaving the Main Road The main road is now a dual carriageway with central reservation which can only be crossed by using bridges or tunnels. When joining the road to travel towards Marbella this is simply done at El Zoco or at the garage. To go in the Malaga or airport direction the simple route is under the tunnel at the bottom of El Zoco shops, or you take the 340 to Marbella and turn at the first junction.